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Kurihama Flower Park: Summer Cosmos

The summer flora of Kurihama Flower Park

Kurihama Hana no Kuni (or the more popular name Kurihama Flower Park) is famous for its seasonal blossoms--poppies in the spring and cosmos during autumn! And that’s not all; it is also a place where you can go to Adventure Land and visit GODZILLA! It’s a fun park for kids and those young at heart!

The seasonal flower meadow is a great place to test your new camera or just have fun taking photographs along with the flowers. At the end of the season you can enjoy picking flowers (for free!) along with a couple hundred other people. It’s a unique experience, especially when the park plays folk songs as you pick flowers. Just don’t forget to bring your own scissors and gloves.

The park also features a Herb Garden, and much like the flower meadow, it has different flowers and fragrant plants that bloom throughout the year. This is also located close to one of the restaurants inside the park, which serve yummy delights along with freshly picked herbs from the garden itself! You can also purchase herb plants by the entrance of the herb garden. A warm foot bath is also located inside the herb garden; it’s a great way to relax your feet, and the water has herbs that can help you relax and even heal wounds depending on the season and herbs available.

Did I mention that the park is about two kilometers wide and in a mountainous region? It’s a good place to walk, as long as you are wearing nice comfortable shoes, if not, have no fear, the flower train is here to take you from the entrance to the Adventure Land and to the herb garden!

Godzilla is located right up by Adventure Land, with lots of wooden playground equipment set up around Godzilla--even a giant slide where the children and parents can go down together! It’s a good place to take the kids and let them play and develop some physical strength at the same time.

The park has a mini Golf Course, it may be a bit different than the ones you are used to, but the rules and equipment are pretty much the same. You can rent equipment by the entrance to the golf course, and its pretty easy to enjoy, just be open minded to the oddities it may have!

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