Kurihama Flower World

Step into the world of spring and poppies!

By Sher Ying Wee    - 1 min read

Kurihama Flower World (Hana no Kuni – literally ‘country of flowers’) is famous for its seasonal flowers – spring for poppies and cosmos for autumn and part of spring. I went just after all the poppies had bloomed and it was breathtaking. If by chance you are here during these seasons, it definitely should make its way onto your to-go-to list. For more exact dates and timings, visit their website.

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Sher Ying Wee

Sher Ying Wee @sher.ying.wee

I like taking photographs on travels, but am oddly not good at the traveling bit itself. Please enjoy and view the photos as if it were you with your camera on your own travels.