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Godzilla at Kurihama Flower World

Fun and Flowers in the Fall

Kurihama Flower World (くりはま花の国) in Yokosuka is such a great place for viewing seasonal flowers, taking a short hike, and having a picnic on top of the hill with Godzilla. That’s correct! Kurihama Hana no Kuni is home to the 9-meter Godzilla slide and it's ready to fight alongside humanity against common threats in the section of the flower park called Adventure Land. Let’s take a closer look!

If you’re ready to break out a sweat in your athletic shoes, Godzilla is approximately 800 meters away from the main entrance. You can either hike up the steep, paved road, or walk through the large field of cosmos and up the wooden viewing platform. The other option is to take the convenient “Flower Train” tram for a one-way ticket price of 210yen (100yen for children). The complete train route will take visitors to the opposite side of the park, called the Herb Garden. However, if you’re here to see Godzilla on the hilltop, just raise your hand when the tour guide asks if anyone is interested in getting dropped off at Adventure Land.

Why is Godzilla in Yokosuka? According to various reports on the web, in its original series Godzilla emerges from the sea and onto Tatarahama beach in Kannonzaki, Yokosuka. To commemorate the event, the first Godzilla slide was installed at Tatarahama in 1958, but Mother Nature took its toll and the slide was removed in 1973. Today, Godzilla stands tall and sits on a platform in Kurihama Flower World dating back to November 3, 1999. Local citizens and companies such as Toho are inscribed in its walls for their kind donations to ensure “Godzilla Returns” to the neighborhood.

Adventure Land may be home to the gigantic Godzilla slide, but the park also boasts a huge jungle gym for children and is parent-friendly (or for ages 12 and up…which includes big kids like me!). Explore the rope nets and crawl through spaces to get to the wooden deck. Climb up the towers to stand guard against the look-out windows. Best of all, experience the longest slide made of rolling pins. When you find yourself needing a break, have a seat on a picnic table and enjoy your snacks and the scene from a distance. So. Much. Fun!

On your way back down, I would recommend you walk if you took the tram up or vice versa. This will allow you to enjoy the beautiful seasonal flowers along the way. Unfortunately, due to the recent typhoon, the cosmos field is not as bright and cheery as in previous years. But, without a doubt, you can still find a beautiful pop of color just around the corner. If you have more time to spend, check out the Bell of Love, Foot Bath “Yuttari”, Greenhouse, and grab an ice cream cone.

Access: 10-minute walk from Kurihama Station. By car, 3-minutes from Kurihama Station. Follow the flower signs. Pay Park lot available for 620yen total between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm.

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