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Kurume Ramen Tetsugama in Yokosuka

Great ramen shop located at More’s City shopping center

Can you guess what my very first meal was in Japan? If you said “Ramen,” you are correct! Ramen is Japan’s premier fast food as evidenced by shops located on every street corner, in basement floors at train stations, and restaurant parks on the upper floors of department stores. Because there are so many, you may not figure out what your favorite type of ramen is until you’ve tried more than a handful. Your first reaction to a nice big bowl of hot flavorful soup stock & noodles might be “It’s good," but the real question is, “Is it great?” Would you recommend it to friends? Over the years, I’ve explored a few in the neighborhood and think I’ve found my go-to shop in Yokosuka: Kurume Ramen Tetsugama.

To place your order at Tetsugama, insert yen into the ticket vending machine located at the entrance. Credit cards are also accepted, just ring for assistance. With approximately 20 options of ramen available, the pictures should assist you in the decision making process. If needed, an English translation “map” on the adjacent small table will include descriptions and symbols explaining the soup base (Pork bone, Pork bone & Seafood or Pork Bone & Seafood with Soy Sauce). Side dishes and beer are also available. Just press away and wait for the small rectangular tickets to drop. A friendly server will be standing by to “take” your order and guide you to your table.

Tetsugama offers an interior rustic feel with plenty of wide-open seating. A long, wooden bar front & center is your first option while tables for four run along the perimeter. For an extra cozy location, you might be seated in the porch-like section with a direct view of passersby inside Restaurant Park. They might sneak a peek of your ramen bowl before they decide on having some for themselves!

I normally order Moyashi-Tetsukama, which includes a healthy serving of bean sprouts in a shio-style soup. The stock is made of pork bone that brings about a nice clear broth with only a slight salty flavor; not thick or cloudy at all. Therefore, this type of broth highlights the flavors of the fresh wavy egg noodles, menma (bamboo shoots), scallions, and chasu (roasted pork). To enhance the flavors of your ramen, Tetsugama offers a nice touch of condiments at each table. My favorite is the fresh garlic and garlic press for a more robust flavor. Then there’s the sesame seed grinder and pickled ginger for texture & zest. As usual, soy sauce, vinegar and chili pepper oil are also readily available.

Tetsugama Ramen is in a great location. Situated in Restaurant Park 8F of More’s City, the shopping center is adjacent to Yokosuka-Chuo train station. If you prefer to drive, 2-hour free parking is available in the structure as long as you spend a one-time total of 2,000 yen (be sure to save your receipt to show the parking attendant). Also, if you’re a frequent traveler to Yokosuka, More’s City offers a point card system that you can apply for on 7F. You will receive one (1) point for every 100 yen purchased; collect a 500 yen voucher for every 500 points, applicable towards future purchases. The point card is valid for three years.

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Wouter Thielen 10 years ago
There is another Tetsugama Ramen shop in Roppongi, in North Tower. Same interior, same menu, same type of condiments :)
James Forest 10 years ago
Oh it is making me hungry! hehe

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