Miura Peninsula Cherry Blossoms

Kawazu Zakura - the 'early bird' cherry trees

By Rey Waters    - 3 min read

They are here, that is the first of the 2016 cherry blossoms! Kawazu-zakura, are the first to bloom, usually about a month before the regular cherry trees.

In the Tokyo area they are mainly found on the Miura Peninsula.

Miwa looked at the next 10 day forecast and with the exception of today the 21st it will be cloudy with some rain. We rose early to beat the crowds and caught the Keikyu Kurihama train from Yokohama station to Miura-kaigan (Miura Beach), about a 45-minute ride. 

There are several Kawazu festivals on the peninsula with the biggest taking place at none other than Kawazu with over 8000 trees. We chose Miura-kaigan with 1000 due to the short distance from our home. 

As you leave the train station there is a map showing where the Kawazus are located.  If you go on a weekend like we did a map will not be necessary, just follow the crowd. There were hundreds of other people who had the same early bird plan as we did.

No matter what time of year or type of festival you can count on two things: large crowds, and food concessions. It is very enjoyable watching the Japanese people support their local events. 

Our walk from the station to the Kawazu trees took about 15 minutes along the way we spotted beautiful yellow mustard blooms mixing in well with the pink blossoms.

There were parks on both sides of the highway with a pond area reflecting the trees along the water. Just beyond the pond is a large farm with daikon (Japanese radish) where for 100 yen I picked one and then it was bagged for me. Since daikon sells in the stores for 300 yen and up, this was a bargain. Next we passed a veggie stand where Miwa purchased fresh picked broccoli for 100 yen. Every time we visit the peninsula there is some type fruit and vegetables in season.

We headed back to the station and decided since it was only a few blocks to the beach and still a half hour before lunch, a walk would help build up our appetite. We did not get very far before Miwa spotted a conveyer belt sushi restaurant named Kaisen with a small group of people waiting in line. Miura Peninsula is known for some of the best tuna in Japan. We immediately joined the line and waited about 30 minutes for the restaurant to open. Once inside we waited another 30 minutes for two seats to become available. I can tell you it was well worth the wait. We had a plate called blooming tuna with 14 pieces for 2300 yen and 10 pieces of fresh local fish for 1400 yen. 

I recently read that the number one thing tourist coming to Japan want to do is taste our food. Make sure when you plan your trip on Japan Travel’s web site to include a day on Miura Peninsula and dine at one of their many great seafood restaurants.

Yes, after lunch we did make it to the beach and enjoyed watching the wind surfers skimming across the water.  

Miura Peninsula has many attractions such as a great fish market, beaches, hiking, scenic coastline, a marine park, year round festivals, and of course very tasty seafood. Make sure Miura is on your Japan trip itinerary

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Rey Waters

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Victoria Vlisides 4 years ago
Hey Rey! Are they blooming now!?
Rey Waters Author 4 years ago
Hi Victoria, Yes they are. I visited Izu peninsula last Saturday and it was really beautiful. You can see the pic on my blog reywatjapan.blogspot.jp Haven't written a new article yet on this years blooms.
Param Pon 5 years ago
Rey Waters Author 5 years ago
Did you enjoy the area?
Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
Lovely!!! Can't wait to see more.
Victoria Vlisides 5 years ago
Party time!! Can't wait !