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Myōraku-ji Temple Hydrangea Festival

Enjoy these rainy season flowers in Kawasaki

Commonly known as the hydrangea temple, Myōraku-ji Temple in Kawasaki City is home to an impressive 28 different varieties of hydrangeas, including mountain hydrangeas and oakleaf hydrangeas to name just a couple. The best time to catch the flowers in bloom is from mid to late June, and an annual festival is held on the temple grounds when they are at their peak.

Along with the bounty of hydrangeas to check out at the event, visitors can enjoy taiko drumming performances, purchase hydrangea seedlings to grow at home, or pick up some local produce or Japanese sweets. There are also some great views of Kawasaki City from the temple grounds, and on clear days you can even see Tokyo Skytree.

Admission to the event itself is free, but do bring some yen if you plan to make a purchase.

Getting there

Myōraku-ji Temple is located approximately 20 minutes on foot from either Shukugawara Station or Kuji Station, which are both served by the JR Nanbu Line.

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Elizabeth S a year ago
Ah, another hydrangea temple! I thought Kamakura's Meigetsuin and Matsudo's Hondoji were it. Adding this to my rainy season list of places to go.
Kim Author a year ago
I'd love to make a list at some point of all the hydrangea temples out there...or at least as many as I can uncover! Thank you for the additional one! 💖

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