Unko Museum Yokohama

Poop-tastic fun in Yokohama's new Asobuild

Mar 15
Sep 30
Venue: Asobuild When: Mar 15 - Sep 30th 2019, 10:00am - 9:00pm

Unko Museum has dropped into Yokohama's new Asobuild creative multi-floor entertainment complex with aplomb and we can't hold in our excrement excitement.

 (Photo: Unko Museum)
(Photo: Unko Museum)

This limited time exhibition runs until July 15th extended: September 30th, showcasing all things 'unko-', or poop-related. Expect to find all kinds of turd-themed visuals and literally all kinds of crap on display at this fun-filled attraction.

Almost purposely designed for the Instagram generation, Unko Museum is less education and more interaction. Step on turd-shaped projections in an interactive game, try your hand at unko mini games, explore unko art and poop-inspired goods from around the globe, and come face to face with faeces at the photo section.

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Sleiman Azizi 10 months ago
I'm not sure if I should make a comment or not.
Kim B 10 months ago
Oh gosh...I wanna go - it looks hilarious and informative at the same time! Japan's museums sure are interesting!
Elena Lisina 10 months ago
Funny and strange together, as many things in Japan! :D