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Frog Street in Matsumoto

Nawate Street is a frog-themed street south of Matsumoto Castle. Many shops, ranging from food to antiques, line the narrow street, making it an interesting place worth visiting.

Kawaii Monster Café

In Tokyo's fashionable Harajuku district, Kawaii Monster Café is a creation of fashion visionary Sebastian Masuda. It's bizarre and beautiful, cute and creepy, with fantastic food and drink.

Tokyo Toilet Exhibition

The toilet exhibition is a temporary exhibition at the Miraikan Museum. Its name might be strange for most people, but your opinion will change after a single visit. It teaches us about feces related to our health and at the same time builds awareness to visitors that there's still a lot of people affected by the lack of water and toilets.The plus point is the interactive displays that help kids easily understand the exhibition.

Ninja Izakaya

Ninja Izakaya in Tokyo’s bustling business centre of Akasaka (be careful not to confuse it with the similar Asakusa) draws you in to its pleasantly unfamiliar world.