Wind Chime Festival

Kawasaki Daishi Temple's annual Wind Chime Festival

By Kaila Knight    - 2 min read

There is one place every July that gathers wind chimes from around the country. Hundreds of handmade wind chimes are sold and viewed at the popular wind chime festival in Kawasaki Daishi temple. Out of the many displayed at the temple, each wind chime has its own variation. On close inspection a painted design will have different strokes from one another.

Though you are surrounded by the constant clinking of wind chimes, when you go up to ring one yourself it makes a unique noise. That is why you see so many people touching and enjoying the wind chimes in their own personal way. It is not only visually diverse, each also has their own sound. This is because the forms and materials of these wind chimes also vary.

There is more to the festival than just the wind chimes. I find the street leading up to the temple to be incredibly entertaining. This street sold many trinkets and foods. This street also has the popular Tontoko-ame candy shops. Walking past one you will be able to see and hear the store employees cutting candy in a rhythmic way.

This was an experience that provided more than just sightseeing in Japan. I believe it also showed me the different taste and sounds of Japan.

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