Yokohama’s Café Omnibus

Where art meets post-modernism

By Steve Morton    - 2 min read

Perhaps like many people, I often find myself frequenting one of the many chain coffee shops that can now be found almost anywhere. While such places do offer convenience and familiarity, they also bring an undeniable sense of conformity from the smaller, independent Cafés which could once be found in abundance. Although this global trend is likely to continue, Yokohama City at least, appears to be addressing part of this issue by way of its Creative City Project. Started several years ago, this ongoing project aims to revitalize many of the city’s historic buildings through blending art with creativity.

One such project can be seen when heading on over to Café Ominbus. Situated within the former site of the ‘Dai-Ichi Bank’, this building was originally built in 1929 and re-opened to public in 2015 after undergoing extensive renovation. Comprising of 3 floors, Café Omnibus occupies the ground floor while the second and third floors are designated event and exhibition spaces.

Immediately upon entering this Café, you will be impressed by its high ceilings, large windows, wide open spaces and creative design, blending both classic and modern elements with visually pleasing results. Even though I only planned on staying here for about an hour, I found it hard dragging myself away and ended up staying until well into the late evening

Getting there

From Bashamichi Station, (on the Minato Mirai Line), follow the signs for exit 1B where this Café is a couple of minutes walk away

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