Red Bridge over still lake (Photo: Yuki Yaginuma)
Red Bridge over still lake (Photo: Yuki Yaginuma)
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Yokohama to Kamakura

A walk from Kanazawa Bunko Station with Fuji views

This is a great day trip, especially if you live near Yokohama and can only reach the trail head by public transport. This easy 10km walk goes up and over the mountain trails from Yokohama to Kamakura. Along the way you can take in some spectacular views of Mt Fuji (weather permitting).

Start your day by catching the Keikyu train to Kanazawa Bunko Station, which is about half way between Yokohama and Yokosuka. From the west exit of the railway station, take the free zoo bus to the zoo (at the top of the hill). The bus leaves from a stop on the left just outside the station. It is easy to spot, it’s a small minibus and it has animals painted all over it.

The zoo has exhibits from Eurasia, Africa, Oceania and America. They even have kangaroos and koalas! The park around the zoo (Shizen koen) is also a great place to spend a day. It has long “roller” slides for the kids and long peaceful walks and ponds. Along the creek coming out of the pond at the bottom of the hill you can also find hotaru fireflies in the evenings during late May. But if you want to go on the walk, the zoo and the park will have to wait for another day.

Go around the back of the restaurant/shop building and you'll find the walking track. It is a nice easy grade, so although it is fairly long it is not a difficult walk.

When you get to the main intersection you can take the left track, which is a bit flatter and also a little shorter. Or the right track which is a bit hillier, (but still very easy), but which rewards you with some great views of Mt Fuji. The right path is definitely recommended.

Whichever path you take you will eventually get to the top of the mountain near Kamakura. There you will see a pleasant old restaurant. It’s pretty basic, but the food is good and the experience is great. If you go there in Winter you have to try the Oden.

After your meal, wind your way down the mountain to Kamakura. At the bottom of the trail you will come to a temple. There is no other way to get to Kamakura from here, so you have to go through the temple. You are supposed to pay a Y300 “donation” to walk through, with some fabulous old temples in the area. If you're also going to walk around the temple area and look around then you really should pay, but if you're just cutting through to get to town you can take advantage of Japanese politeness and just not pay. It’s up to you.

From the main gate of the temple, you can stroll to the middle of town to the train station. There are some nice little places for snacks or meals along the way, and some great market stands and shops too.

While you're in Kamakura you can visit Daibutsu (the giant Buddha). It's a bit of a walk from the station, but you just walked 10 kilometers, so what's a few more.

Just down the street from Daibutsu there is a little coffee shop, tucked away upstairs on the left as you walk away from the temple area. The coffee and cake is delicious, but it also has fairly tame squirrels that run around inside it like they own it. They’re very cute.

When you're done, head back to the station and then home for a well earned rest.

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Thanks for this article, Paul. I wonder what kind of wildlife you see on this walk?

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