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Yokohama Triennale 2014

Exhibition for art lovers

Yokohama is one of the best places to escape from crowded Tokyo! Why don't you try to come to Yokohama and visit the art exhibitions there? At the moment, there's Yokohama Triennale until November 3rd of this year. The event itself has two main venues which are the Yokohama art museum and the Shinko Pier. The other venues are the Zou no Hana Terrace,Bank Art Museum and the Kogencho bazaar. A free shuttle bus is provided to cover all the venues.

Here is the best route to cover all venues in one day:

1.Yokohama Art Museum

This venue is just a 2 minutes walk from the Minato Mirai station. Make sure to get out of the right exit so you can reach the museum easily. In front of the museum, there will be a staff member who will briefly explain the tickets. If you have time, I highly recommend buying a ticket that covers all locations (Yokohama Triennale and tie art tickets are 2400 yen for adults or 1800 yen for university student).The concept for this year is 'The story of a voyage into the Sea of Oblivion' with two introductions and 11 sections (9 of these sections are in the main museum). I thought the exhibition was cool. There is a huge display called 'What is in the center of the world?' which was very impressive. It is made with unused materials of all kinds and somehow looks like a pile of garbage.

Unfortunately, in most of the area visitors are not allowed to take pictures.

When you're done exploring the museum, you can easily see the free shuttle bus sign and follow the directions from the staff.

2. Shinko Pier

This location is smaller than the Yokohama art museum, but here, visitors can explore the displays or videos even more. This venue's theme is ' Drifting in a Sea Oblivion.'

3.Bank Art

Even though this location is not one of the main venues and there were clearly fewer visitors, it was my favorite. There are various types of art in a single area and it has a cozy atmosphere which makes the whole exhibition even more enjoyable.

4.Zou no Hanna Terrace

This is a cafe near the port with artsy decorations. It has little shops and a small area for workshops (for the workshops' schedule, you need to check the official website).

5.Koganecho Bazaar

The most tiring venue is this bazaar because the exhibitions are divided into small rooms that cover the area between Koganecho station and Hinodecho station. Make sure to follow the small map you will get from staff members at the entrance.

This venue's exhibitions are the creations of artists from many different countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and many more. Each artist has its uniqueness and it was very impressive to see. At the corner of the street near Hinodecho station, there is a second bookstore which sells cheap architecture and art books.

The Yokohama Triennale is definitely worth a visit! Thanks to it, you will discover many new things related to art.

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