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Rakusyou Traditional Garden Cafe [Closed]

A popular dessert shop located near Kodaiji Temple

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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Apr 12, 2021

Rakusyou is located just moments from Kodaiji Temple. The traditional Japanese architecture and the garden are few of the reasons why Rakusyou is popular with locals and visitors alike. It is hard to believe that a dessert shop can encapsulate the rich atmosphere of Japanese culture.

When I walked pass this shop, I heard the coachman telling his customers to go to Rakusyou because of its good reputation. When local people recommend a place, it ought to be nice, so I gave it a try. Compared with many dessert shops I saw, Rakusyou has cheaper prices and a more pleasant atmosphere, so this is why many people come here.The Japanese style garden has a pool made of stone, with the host lovingly feeding the beautiful goldfishes in the pool. The goldfishes attract many curious customers, who would like to sit by the window. People can choose the traditional Tatami sitting or the normal Western style table. For overseas visitors, Rakusyou has an English menu, with clear and detailed descriptions of the desserts.

I am here to recommend its most famous dessert - the Matcha Sundae, made with Matcha Ice cream, Chinese chestnut, red beans, Matcha jelly, and tangerine. It has an awesome taste and does not taste heavy. The refreshing citrus taste of the tangerine and the smooth, sweet taste of the ice cream go well together. The creamy texture of the ice cream also go well with the nutty flavor of the chestnut and beans. I like it because the Sundae includes a lot of different ingredients. The Matcha Sundae is for someone like me who can't decide and want a bit of everything, and it only costs 1000 Yen. In addition, there are many other desserts that are waiting for you to try, including brown sugar bracken rice cake, as well as green tea sponge cake. Some desserts have Hojicha jelly as well. Low in caffeine with a roasted nutty flavor, I have known people coming all the way from Tokyo to try it.

People can also find specialized local products here, and the prices range from 300 Yen to 2000 Yen.

It is easy to get here by the City Bus from Kyoto station. Once you get off at the Higashiyama Yasui stop, it is just a 8 minute walk.

If you visit Kyoto, don't forget to go to Rakusyou to experience the wonderful view and well balanced and delicious dessert!


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