Supreme Garden of Tenryuji, Kyoto

Gorgeous garden at a World Heritage Site in Saga, Kyoto

By Masayoshi Hirose    - 1 min read

A World Heritage Site: 'Tenryuji Temple' in Saga, Kyoto, is renowned for its scenic beauty.

It is a well-known fact that Ashikaga Takauji built this temple to pray for the soul of Emperor Go-Daigo, his enemy, but you'll be surprised to find how spacious this place is!

The right side of the temple grounds faces the Ooi River, which flows from Arashiyama (Mt. Arashi), with the bamboo groves of Sagano spread out on its north side. On the west side is located my favorite garden, 'Sogenchi Pond Garden'. This is an excursion style garden, in which the promenade circulates around Sogenchi Pond in the center. In autumn, the views of Arashiyama (Mt. Arashi) on the south and Kameyama (Mt. Kame) on the west seen through this pond is a great sight to behold. GORGEOUS!

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Original by Masayoshi Hirose