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Sendai Tanabata 2024

Getting bigger and better every year

Venue: Kōtōdaikōen shimin hiroba When: Aug 6th - Aug 8th 2024

The Tanabata (Starlight) Festival in Sendai is the nation’s largest. It is so big in fact that the city of a million actually more than doubles its population over the three day event held August 6th – 8th. Many visitors come on August 5th to see the pre-festival fireworks show. Still, the main attraction of the centuries old festival has always been the colorful streamers covering the shopping arcades throughout all of downtown.

Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival 2024

Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival 2024

Early Aug

16,000 fireworks light up the sky over the Hirose River every August 5th evening. This is the kickoff for 3 days of Tanabata F..

4 Free Entry

Locals have noticed the festival seems to be growing with each year. There are more festival venders selling food or offering games, and an increasing number of large and private businesses putting up their own decorations.

Enjoy the creative, unique, or bizarre designs which change every year. Do note decorations are not visible late at night, as they are wrapped in plastic or taken down for security reasons. Besides that, bring a camera!

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Elena Lisina 5 years ago
I've seen those decorations only in the museum, but during the festival they seem gorgeous!
Nadine in Japan 5 years ago
Tanabata is my favorite festival in Japan! 😍 it’s just so beautiful!
My friends and I made a video about the festival this year if you’d like to see! It’s got some tips on things you can do during the festival :) maybe I’ll write an article about it soon!
Justin Velgus 7 years ago
You captured some of the more interesting decorations this year! Tanabata is a joy for locals and tourists!

Thank you for your support!

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