Shiratori Onsen: Upper Bath

Relax at this Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park inn

 By Tristan Scholze   Apr 27, 2014

Shiratori Onsen, on the north side of the eponymous mountain, has two bathhouses, simply named the Upper and Lower baths. They lie a few kilometers apart at different elevations on Route 30 between Ebino City and the area around the Ebino Kogen Campground, including the Eco Museum Center and Ikemeguri Trailhead as well as the trail to Mt. Karakuni. This review will focus on the Upper Bathhouse. Besides offering a nice place to soak, it also serves as an inn, restaurant, and gift shop. There are few restaurants in the park, and it makes a great place to pause for food, rest, and relaxation after hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Kirishima.

Prices are quite reasonable, with use of the bathhouse costing just 300 yen. There are both indoor and outdoor baths, with the main outdoor one having a small garden and a very nice view off the side of Mt. Shiratori across the valley, down toward Ebino City. For a little more money, you can use one of the break rooms. Private break rooms are also an option.

If you’re spending the night, staying in a private room runs just under 3,000 yen per person. A room with an attached private bath runs 11,000 yen for up to three people, with each additional adult costing another 3,500 yen. On this particular time, I opted to stay in the campground down the road, closer to the trails and sights, and enjoy its natural beauty. I came here for the good meal, the chance to enjoy the views during the setting sun, and a relaxing bath after a day of hiking.

The restaurant looks simple but the food is delicious. I sat at the table with the view across the valley. They specialize in teishoku, or set meals that come on a tray. I chose the pork cutlet, which had a delicious miso sauce topping and came with salad, pickles, vegetables, miso soup, and rice. Other popular options are udon and soba noodles. If you have your own food, you can enjoy the picnic space on the mountainside across the street.

This, or the Lower Bath down the road, are good alternatives to the large hotel and onsen across the street from the Ebino Eco Museum Center and Ikemeguri Nature Trail parking lot.

​白鳥温泉上湯—shiratori onsen ueyu—Shiratori Onsen Upper Bathhouse

Written by Tristan Scholze
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