Matsumoto Castle in 4K

One of Japan's most famous castles

By Gonzague Gay-Bouchery    - 1 min read

Depending on where you are getting your information from, Matsumoto Castle in Nagano is either the second or third most beautiful castle in Japan, and to be fair, I cannot disagree here. Built in the 16th century, Matsumoto Castle is unlike many other Japanese castles, built on a plain rather than on a hill or mountain top and surrounded by a picturesque moat.

Gorgeous from the outside, Matsumoto Castle also offers a unique chance for its visitors to travel into the past by allowing them to visit each and every floor, making Matsumoto Castle such a unique experience with its many exhibitions of historical weapons and other architectural wonders.

Highly recommended all year long, Matsumoto Castle is one of these marvels of Japan that everybody needs to visit once in their lifetime.

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Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

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Olga 7 years ago
I truly enjoy your videos, Gonzague!
Gonzague Gay-Bouchery Videographer 7 years ago
Thank you Olga! I really appreciate your comment :D Hope you will enjoy future one. Indeed I am planning to push 300 Videos like these ones by the end of the year (Already 114 done).