The free shuttle bus that makes stops at Nagasaki Airport 8 minutes away, or Omura Station 5 minutes away. (Photo: Youko Tanaka)
The free shuttle bus that makes stops at Nagasaki Airport 8 minutes away, or Omura Station 5 minutes away. (Photo: Youko Tanaka)
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Nagasaki International Hotel

A Spanish-style resort hotel near Nagasaki airport

Nagasaki Airport is located in Omura City about a 40 - 60 minute drive by car from Nagasaki City, floating off the shore of Omura Bay as Japan's first offshore airport. If you have an early morning or late night flight, how about staying at a hotel with a free shuttle to the airport, which is only 8 minutes away?

If you have a little time to spare, the Theme Park, Huis Ten Bosch, is only a mere 50 minutes away from the airport by high-speed ferry. The hotel is 5 minutes by car from Omura Station and a 10-minute drive from Omura interchange which makes it an ideal location for easy access to sight-seeing spots.

Nagasaki is home to Mount Inasa, which boasts one of the 3 best night views in Japan alongside Hakodate and Kobe, thanks to its bird's eye view of the bay. In 2012 it was recognized as one of the best three night views in the world, ranking up there with Hong Kong and Monaco.

Hashima, also known as Battleship Island (Gunkajima), was designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site in May of 2015. This tourist location can be easily reached by a cruise around the bay.

The exterior of Nagasaki International Hotel is modeled after a Spanish resort, a great place to stay during your time around Nagasaki. Even a single room is 25 square meters, plenty of space to spread out your luggage. The Southern European-style interior has all the amenities you need and a private balcony that doesn't face any other rooms. The view of the bay and mountain range is a great addition to any trip.

The cost range of Nagasaki International Hotel is comparable with a business hotel, saving you money and providing a great way to spend your free time in a nice atmosphere. The staff are kind and eager to help make your trip a memorable one.

The superior location of Nagasaki International Hotel is more than just great access to sightseeing spots, but also within easy access to Nagasaki Airport. Even for those who prefer a no-frills stay, they offer an exquisite french toast breakfast at a reasonable price.

Start your day off right, and set yourself up for another great day of vacation!

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