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Twilight Express Mizukaze

Designs announced for Spring 2017 launch

By Tom Roseveare    - 2 min read

While the original Twilight Express train between Osaka and Sapporo retired earlier this year, plans are already well advanced for its spiritual successor, Twilight Express Mizukaze, to continue where the original left off.

Combining nostalgia with a modern twist, Mizukaze aims to define a new level of class on Japan's railway network.

With operations set to start in Spring 2017, JR West announced the final designs on September 16th.

Nostalgic Modern Design

Taking the interior design concept of a luxurious hotel running through beautiful Japan, construction will employ local materials from along the train's route, spanning 5 prefectures across western Japan.

The train's outer body will be decorated in a 'Mizukaze green' shade with gold lining, reminiscent of its predecessor but in a thoroughly modern design.

The front carriage will showcase a viewing deck wrapped in a streamlined, gold grille design that blends into the carriages frame seamlessly.

The interior will use a Showa-era Art Deco base and employ wide, curved windows to provide stunning, panoramic views along the route.

Each carriage will contain suite accommodation, with bathtub and private balcony among the luxury fittings passengers/guests can expect. Accommodation will come in single, twin and suite varieties.

This deluxe train ride will have capacity for only 30 passengers, across 6 sleeper cars, alongside a dining car (with bar counter), lounger car and 2 sightseeing cars with viewing decks.

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