Photo: Starbucks Japan
Photo: Starbucks Japan
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Two More Sakura Drinks Hit Starbucks Japan

Enjoy the best of spring with fun seasonal beverages

One great thing about cherry blossom season (aside from the beautiful flowers!) is that there are so many fun sakura-flavored treats to try. Hot on the heels of Starbucks releasing two sakura-themed drinks in mid-February, they've got a new round of seasonal beverages coming out today, March 1st! Like the first collection, there will be one frappuccino and one hot latte for cafe aficionados to try out.

The Hanami Matcha Cream Frappuccino® offers a unique take on one of the chain's most popular Japan-based items by adding a delicious hanami white bean paste sauce alongside whipped cream and sakura feuillantine (a crispy, sweetened crêpe confection) as toppings. It's a visually appealing drink that combines spring-feeling colors of green, pink, and white, and it's set to be priced at 680 JPY (available in tall size only).

If you'd prefer a hot drink to enjoy during the blooming season, check out the Hanami Blonde Latte. Light roasted coffee is paired with milk and Starbucks "Spring Blossoming" flavor syrup, and the drink is also topped with sakura feuillantine for both its visual appeal and fun, crunchy texture. The Hanami Blonde Latte will be available in the full range of sizes (short, tall, grande, and venti) with prices ranging from 530 JPY to 671 JPY. Please note there is also a small price difference depending on whether you enjoy your drink in-store or to-go.

These drinks have a fairly short availability window – from March 1st until March 12th or while stocks last – so if they do sound good to you, be sure to check for them at your nearest Starbucks Japan store while you can! If you're looking for places to enjoy the best of the blossoms, peruse our site for some inspiration.

Getting there

To find your nearest Starbucks Japan branch, check the store locator on their website here.

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