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A night at Zac Baran, one of Kyoto's oldest jazz bars
A club that creates sounds from "another dimension"
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is Japan's oldest 'Palace' of music and ballet. In 1961, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government constructed it as part of its 500th anniversary celebration. It is located just inside Ueno Park
Close to Shinjuku Park in Tokyo, Papera is an Indian restaurant that serves not only curry, but also live music and dance shows.
Okayama Symphony Hall is a world class performance venue that regularly hosts the best of local and international talent.
A charming magical tale of human connection in a post industrial world
Private concerts! Aspecta is an ampitheater on the Mt. Aso caldera rim, and it is possible to rent it out and listen to your own music over the speaker system.
The Fuji Rock Festival started in 1997 on the slopes of Mt Fuji when the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were forced off the stage by a typhoon, and finally settled in Niigata.