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From hotels to cafes and convenience stores, this definitive guide offers inside tips on the best hot s on how to get free Wi-Fi in Kyoto.
A guide to Kyoto's night life: Beers on the river side, karaoke or night club—whatever you prefer. Or a little bit of everything?
A night at Zac Baran, one of Kyoto's oldest jazz bars
Rub A Dub: A Reggae bar in Kyoto, Japan. Come and party!
Do you want to experience a jump in time to the Japanese Shō​wa period? Hanbey is a national retro-themed Izakaya chain. From your first steps into the establishment, you'll be surrounded by retro ad and movie posters, vintage manga goodies, toys and books!
Housed in a historic merchant's house, this is not just a place to go back in time, but to rediscover how your thoughts and actions can contribute to world peace and understanding.
Kitsch Americana and Maizuru Curry makes its home at Joke American Pub and Karaoke Bar. The curry here is made to order, with a tasty and chewy texture. Only the best ground beef is used, and you can taste the various spices, unlike some of the blander variants found elsewhere.
A charming magical tale of human connection in a post industrial world