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The Place of Cultural Diversity

International University of Japan

Do you want to experience a peaceful valley of cultural diversity and immense pleasure of life of people living together from different countries around the world? International University of Japan (IUJ) is a rightplace to see the beauty and harmony of culture, religion, tribe and cast from different nationalities.

Founded in 1982 as the first English-medium graduate school, IUJ is known as "mini United Nations". The mission of IUJ is to develop future leaders in the globalized world. The uniqueness of IUJ comes from its campus environment. About 300 students from 50 countries and faculty members live together in dormitories, which enables students and faculty members to create close connections and interact with each other day and night. This learning environment is truly a unique and global.

IUJ is located in Minami-Uonuma, a small city on the southeastern end of Niigata prefecture, Japan. It is approximately 100 km south of Niigata city, the prefectural capital, and 230 km northwest of Tokyo. The IUJ campus is situated in scenic but rural surroundings, in a region of Japan known as “Snow Country” because of the heavy snowfall in winter (on average about 2–3 meters).

The nearest small town Yamato machi of Uonuma region, very famous for delicious rice called Koshihikari, has population of 16,000. IUJ is situated in a vale surrounded by beautiful mountains such as Mt. Hakkai-san and Mt. Makihata with the Uono River flowing gently through and beautiful rice field quilting the landscape. You will find the fresh air and quiet environment to meet the Japanese culture where the world gathers. Apart from paddy fields and mountains, the area has a concentration of onsen (hot springs) and ski resorts, making it a popular destination during the winter season.There are different festivals in the campus such as Open Day (in May) and Around the World (in November) to display different cultural activities and food. The famous Naked Man Festival (in March), Tokamachi Snow Festival (in February), Urasa Summer Festival (in July) around the campus will give you chance to enjoy Japanese culture as well.

Photo Credit: Kozo Furuta, Aarong Aung, Mufti Mubarak.

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