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"Get in my belly" delicious Tex-Mex on Kadena Air Base

By Michael Flemming    - 2 min read

Introduced to international audiences in the Fat Bastard "Get in my belly" scene of the 1999 Austin Powers movie, and to Americans at the its restaurant locations that seem to be everywhere stateside, Chili's is well known for its baby back ribs and Tex-Mex fare. In Japan, Chili's can only be enjoyed on three American bases in mainland Japan and on Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.Aspiring patrons must have pre-existing base access or be signed on base as a guest to enjoy the Texan and Mexican inspired steaks, fajitas, quesadillas, ribs and burgers.Kadena Air Base has a larger Chili's location with a full bar and menu. Chili's too is located inside the United Services Organization Building just inside the Gate 2 entrance at the end of Route 20 in Okinawa City Chili's too is a compact and express version of Chili's. The menu has a reduced selection of steak and doesn't offer classic fajitas or alcohol, but otherwise is a genuine Chili's experience - to include baby back ribs.The best feature about Chili's too, other than its fine reputation for delicious food, is that it is open 07:00 ~ 2100 Sunday night through Friday morning, and is open continuously on the weekends from Friday at 07:00 until Sunday night at 21:00. Chili's too is the perfect spot to enjoy a great meal without the wait of the main Chili's Bar and Grill, and to just unwind after a night on the town in the Gate 2-BC Street-Koza Town entertainment districts.

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