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Japanese American Diner, Island style

By Bonson Lam    - 3 min read

Why do Japanese people love corn soup so much? Is it because its similarity to Chinese chicken and corn soup, French potage or the succulent sweet corn grown in Japan? At Mos Burger (sometimes incorrectly spelt as "Mosburger") Japanese favourites like corn soup, matcha latte and prawn burgers sit side by side with apple pies, cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets.

Now, it is time to get back to the main event, which is a delicious honey soy teriyaki beef burger. It has a moist but not too thick fillet, topped with teriyaki sauce, lettuce and Kewpie Japanese style mayonnaise. Japanese mayonnaise is made with apple cider vinegar, making it lighter and less creamy than American mayonnaise. There isn’t so much sauce to overwhelm the over flavors or spill on your lap.

Every ingredient is thoughtfully sourced and cooked to order. All in a small soft bun that delicate hands can hold one or two handed. The lettuce is a whole piece not shredded, so none of it will fall over. But if it does then the triangular paper wrapping keeps it safe. On the other hand, the Cheeseburger has a vegetable soup like relish and a stack of fresh tomato and lettuce. The burger looks quite tall, but mainly to allow the lettuce to crunch as you get your mouth around it. Japanese flavors reappear with the green salad with a Japanese soy and sesame seed Wafu style dressing. The combination of ginger, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame and vegetable oil make for an aromatic combination of lightness and taste. The sweetness of the tomatoes and the crunch of the lettuce are brought to life with a zing, without being drowned by the dressing. It is the essence of a perfect starter, a pick me up from the vinegar kissed salad.

Mos Burger prides itself on fresh natural ingredients and on the blackboard there is a daily update of where all the vegetables come from. Tomatoes from Kumamoto, onions from Nagasaki, it is great to know more about where your meal comes from. The letters MOS in Mos Burger stands for Mountain, Ocean and Sea, paying tribute to the elements of nature where its ingredients come from. Founded by Mr Sakurada in 1972, Mos Burger was inspired by his experiences with fresh cooked to order burgers in the United States. The quality ingredients and care in cooking justifies its premium price compared to other burgers. While they may seem smaller than some other burgers, it is in tune with the Japanese and Okinawan concept of hara hachi bu, which means to only eat until you are 80 per cent full. In a time of wellbeing, health and environment consciousness, this is definitely a timeless concept.

Getting there

MOS Burger is located in on route 330 in Okinawa City, just a short walk from Hotel New Century, or Sunrise Kanko Hotel, or the Eisa Museum.

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Lester Goh 5 years ago
Ah MOS burger. One of the greatest exports ever from the land of the rising Sun. At least to me it is. I mean, RICE BURGERS!
Lester Goh 5 years ago
Yes yes. I love them. The vegetable burgers... not so much haha.