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Minatogawa Stateside Town

A unique dining and shopping zone in Urasoe City

Not too far from Route 58 in Urasoe stands a shadow of the US military’s presence in the area.Minatogawa Stateside Town used to be a housing area for US military members but after the land was returned to Okinawa, the houses were given a new lease of life. Each former house, lined along streets taking after names of American states, has been converted into a café or store and even a home or an office.Each tenant took creative liberties in turning the house to fit their business needs.

At the end of Florida Street is oHacorté, a little café with delicious tarts and other confectioneries. You enter the “living room” where you place your order then proceed to a room which has been converted into a dinning area or you can choose seats outdoors on the front lawn. Enjoying the tart and tea there almost made me forget I was in what used to be a house but spotting a (concealed) bathtub in the café’s restroom reminded me that it was a place of dwelling.

There are other eateries to choose from, each with its own specialties. Walk along Kansas Street and the crisp smell of pizza tempts you to step in and have a peek. Other than places for food, a tattoo parlor and a beauty shop stand along Michigan Street and Virginia Street respectively.

Over at Indiana Street, you will find a vintage store, Ring Ring Bell Closet. Vintage shopping is pretty popular in Okinawa and the store has quite a big selection for vintage hunters to trawl for treasures from eras gone by. Each room is full of retro goodies and they also have a room exclusively for men’s vintage clothes and shoes.

It is easy to walk around the 60 or so “houses” in Minatogawa Stateside Town and most eating establishments and stores there have limited parking space reserved for their customers.Sometimes when I see military housing along the roads in Okinawa, I often wonder how anyone can make a home out of those seemingly dull rectangular structures. Stepping into the former houses in Minatogawa Stateside Town gave me a slight idea of the houses’ interior.While Minatogawa may be known for the Minatogawa Man, the lesser-known Minatogawa Stateside Town is a little gem waiting to be uncovered by more tourists and residents alike.

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Michael Flemming 9 years ago
Muneerah, if you go to remembering okinawa dot com, and look at map 4 of the 1956 maps you will see that the area of land was a part of what was known as the Machinato Service Area contains what is now the streets of Minatogawa Stateside Town. It looks like this was on the very edge of the base.
Kathryn Spoor 9 years ago

Most likely. So back in the late 40's the area that is Camp Kinser today was an airstrip (if you check out a satellite image in Google Maps you can see the distinct shape of the runway still very much the same as it was during the Battle of Okinawa) that was part of a slightly larger base known as the Makiminato Air Station or Camp Makiminato.

After the war, likely late 40's to mid 50's Makiminato Air Station/Camp Makiminato became more of a "livable" place with housing, Foremost Co and so on. This is probably where the housing now known as Minatogawa Stateside Town was constructed (but it is an estimation on my behalf at this point). Then some time in the 70's it seems that the base was downsized giving us what we know as Camp Kinser today.

There are similar areas scattered over Okinawa where base housing ares were returned and are now used by Okinawans. One is Oyama, actually where I live. The other I believe is in the Camp Courtney area and is now cottages for rent by tourists. However, this Minatogawa Stateside Town is the most interesting use I've seen yet. I really cant wait to go check it out!
Muneerah Bee Author 9 years ago
Kathryn: Was Minatogawa Stateside Town a part of the Makiminato Air Station? I had a hard time trying to find out which base it used to be a part of...

Michael: Any chance those in the photo were his? :P
Michael Flemming 9 years ago
Those vintage shoes look just like the ones my dad had in our own American Base home on what was Naha Air Force Base way back in the days of 1974.
Kathryn Spoor 9 years ago
Very cool find and WOW your timing was fantastic! I have been doing a lot of research on the Makiminato Air Station and now I can't wait to check this out!

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