It is hard to have just one (Photo: Jeff Slepman / Unsplash)
It is hard to have just one (Photo: Jeff Slepman / Unsplash)
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Mister Donut

An American born franchise thrives in Japan

Most of the popular fast-food chains in Japan originally started in America, even if they seem to be uniquely Japanese. Such is the case of the Mister Donut chain with more than 1,300 shops in Japan.

The brand originated in America in the 1950s but disappeared stateside in the 1990s due to mergers and acquisitions by rivals.

When I was 16, I went to Mister Donut after school. We would spend hours with just a drink and a few donuts. The owner might think, I am not generating much income, but this is a sweet memory. Even now, I would go back and remember those days. It is like opening up a photo album again.

Today Mister Donut is a Japanese Corporation offering donuts that are each created to be individual masterpieces although markedly less sweet than traditional American donuts. They used to sell dim sum at Mister Donut in Japan, but not anymore. What would you like Mister Donut to sell these days?

There are 50 locations throughout Okinawa prefecture. Most locations are open 09:00 ~ 24:00.

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Mr. Donuts, such a funny name

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