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Uminchu Shokudo in Yomitan

Fresh seafood bowls in the Yomitan Village Fishermen's Cooperative Store Building

Uminchu Shokudo is a cafeteria style seafood restaurant located in the Yomitan Village Fishermen's Cooperative Store. Located in Yomitan near Toya Port, this seaside store sells a huge variety of fresh seafood including sashimi, made to order tempura, and fresh whole fish. Upstairs, there is a cafeteria style restaurant (Uminchu Shokudo) that serves excellent seafood dishes including rice bowls with various seafood toppings and seafood soups. The food is simple but delicious and the atmosphere very authentic.

Orders are placed through a ticket machine and then the tickets given to the cooks who prepare the meal. Everything is made fresh. A restaurant favorite is the fried tuna rice bowl. Another unusual but satisfying dish is the squid ink soup, a black colored soup with tender pieces of squid. The seafood kaisendon is a colorful dish with a generous amount of umibudo, tuna, ikura, shrimp, and other fresh sashimi. There are English translations of the items on the menu as well as in the store in general.  The more popular dishes can be purchased on the first floor to go. Tempura can also be ordered to go or taken upstairs to eat in the cafeteria with the other dishes. Prices are very reasonable with no dish costing more than 2000 yen. The seating is either at tables inside the restaurant or outside on the patio. Sitting on the patio with the sun and ocean breeze eating fresh seafood is a wonderful experience.

Uminchu Shokudo is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. It is closest to the Toya Fishing Port. There is a parking lot in the port for visitors. Toya Port offers many activities including fishing boat tours and a whale shark snorkeling and diving expedition tour.  Stop by at this restaurant on your way to the Yachimun pottery stores in Yomitan or the Cape Zanpa lighthouse.

Getting there

Uminchu Shokudo is located in the Yomitan Village Fishermen's Cooperative Store building at the Toya fishing port.

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