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Gastropub Gablicci at JR Osaka St.

Convenient bar just in front of the hotel bus terminal

Gastropub Gablicci is located RIGHT in front of the bus stop where the shuttle bus to the Westin Hotel Osaka departs from. I went in, and ordered a glass of iced coffee. While enjoying my drink I watched the people inside the bar. Men and women, who seemed like office workers just after work were enjoying a glass of beer or wine, laughing. Some were having Italian dishes like pasta, Pizza, etc. in a warm and cozy atmosphere of the bar. While staying in Osaka I visited the place three times, since the location was so convenient that I could casually drop in the place before and after riding a free shuttle bus of the Westin Hotel. If you come to Osaka and take a bus at the Sakurabashi Gate, this is the place you can kill time while enjoying casual Italian dishes and drinks.

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