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Free on-board WiFi, large legroom and affordable fare

By Charlie Hua    - 2 min read

For most travellers in Japan, the Shinkansen is their top pick of transportation to get around. Now with JAL's Explorer Pass, most JAL domestic flights are available at a very affordable price. A week earlier, I have taken a short-haul flight from Tokyo to Akita. The flight impressed me with its comfortableness, especially the onboard Wi-Fi that is free to use for all passengers.

Japan Airlines (JAL) is offering foreign tourists an affordable fare on more than 30 of its domestic routes, giving tourists a new budget option of travelling around Japan. The JAL Explorer Pass allows tourists to book most if not all flights connecting the major cities in Japan and ride on the most advanced and comfortable aeroplanes in the JAL fleet. Fares also come at different prices.

Comparing to other airlines, the new generation economy class seats on JAL airplanes have legroom that is 5 cm wider (approx. 2 inches). For tall people, do not worry for a cramped flight as you will be able to extend your legs fully. The leather seats are extremely comfortable compared to the hard seats of most other airlines, making your short-haul flight as relaxing as a road trip. On short-haul flights, although no meals are served, snacks (with an additional fee) and free hot or cold drinks will be provided. If you feel like it, there are also free beer served on the flights.

Since a year ago, free onboard Wi-Fi had become accessible on all JAL domestic flights. To have access to the onboard Wi-Fi service, you will need to download the JAL app in your phone in advance. The internet connection on board is firm and fast, which means you can even start a video call with friends 30,000 feet high in the sky!

Unlike most other countries, Japan uses large aeroplanes in flights as short as one hour. As one of the largest users of Boeing planes, if you are an aeroplane fan, you can take this opportunity to see all operating Boeing aeroplanes, and have a ride on some models specially designed for the domestic Japanese market, including the old but effective 767, the latest models of 787, and the enormous jumbo jet -- 747.

So do not wait, visit the JAL Explorer Pass website today, and book your next flight.

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