Streets of Arita

Old, new, and porcelain too in this pottery town

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Walking round the streets of Arita is a feast for the senses for a pottery lover. The old-world charm of the region, combined with inventive modern uses for pottery pieces is evident. You'll find pottery galleries, retail stores, cafes, restaurants and more on the main street that winds its way through the town. Dive off the main drag, and you may be lucky enough to stumble across the porcelain filled Tozan Shrine.

Head to the outskirts of Arita, and you'll find the Arita Porcelain Park, feeling more like a slice of Europe than rural Saga Prefecture. Whatever you do, and wherever you go in this part of Japan, be sure to look for the smaller details - you're bound to find plenty of them!

Getting there

The majority of these photos were taken in the streets surrounding Kami Arita Station, on the JR Sasebo Line. There are a multitude of different pottery stores and eateries to enjoy in the area. Tozan Shrine is approximately a ten minute walk from the station itself. The Arita Porcelain Park is further out, approximately a 15 minute drive away.

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