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100% plant-based eats in Saitama

By Kim B    - 2 min read

I don't think I realized how difficult it can be to find vegan bread in Japan until my sister, who is a vegan, was staying with us for part of her vacation. Pop into any 7-11, Lawson, or Family Mart, and the regular loaves of bread you'll find on the shelves are shokupan, which lists milk as one of the key ingredients. It's why places like 1110 Cafe and Bakery are such an oasis in the desert when it comes to vegan-friendly, carb-filled deliciousness. This spot in Saitama has a menu which is 100% plant based, with a range of bread types available on any given day - there are baguettes, flat bread, raisin bread, muffins, and scones to name a few.

The cafe also offers several creative to-go lunchbox options, which are all priced at ¥1,110. A popular choice is the mushroom katsu sandwich, which uses a rare variety of cloud ear mushroom to make a crispy katsu fillet. It's garnished with plenty of fresh vegetables and finished with a creamy soy mayo to tie everything together. There's also a seasonal veggie quiche lunchbox that foregoes the usual egg and dairy products, and a colorful vegetable curry option. When it comes to the drinks, there are organic beers, juices, Americanos, and lattes available, served with your choice of soy, oat, or brown rice milks.

Do note that the cafe is closed each Monday if you're planning a special trip.

Getting there

1110 Cafe and Bakery is located in Kawaguchi, Saitama. From the JR Akabane Station (served by the Keihin-Tohoku Line, the Utsunomiya Line, the Takasaki Line, the Saikyo Line, and the Shonan Shinjuku Line) take the East Exit, and look for bus number Red 23 (赤23). Take the bus for around 12 minutes, and alight at the Naginohashi stop. The cafe is approximately three minutes on foot from the bus stop.

If you're driving, free parking is available.

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Kim B

Kim B @kim.b

I'm an Australian who has lived abroad for almost a decade, including 7 years in Japan. I've also visited 44 of 47 prefectures, with only Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto left to check out. I'm particularly fond of exploring off the beaten path destinations, gardens, and tea houses, and have a real interest in Japan's growing vegan scene.

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Lynda Hogan a week ago
It looks too good to eat!! Great find, thanks for sharing. I had a vegan staying with me a couple of years ago and she found it quite hard, great to know about these places for future reference.
Kim B Author a week ago
My sister is vegan so it's something I am always learning more about! All of the plant-based food I've tried across Japan has surprised me, in a good way.
Sherilyn Siy 4 months ago
Bruschetta art!
Kim B Author 4 months ago
It's so pretty!
Shinobu Ishikawa 4 months ago
Although it's not far from enough, I think the number of vegan, Haral, macrobiotic food restaurants has been on the rise in Japan. Hope this trend will continue.
Kim B Author 4 months ago
I am really impressed with just how much growth I've seen in the last few years. It's great to see :)
Sleiman Azizi 4 months ago
And who said Saitama was daggy?
Sleiman Azizi 4 months ago
About time too. Great place.
Elena Lisina 4 months ago
Elena Lisina 4 months ago
I can see, but can't eat it! )))