LaLaport Shin Misato, Saitama

Easy shopping in Saitama

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With an open-spaced design and an almost leisurely coastal ambience, LaLaport Shin Misato makes it quite easy to forget that you are shopping and dining in landlocked Saitama prefecture. Dotted around the country, LaLaport has become part and parcel of Japan's consumer scene, offering easy access to modern shopping, dining and entertaining options.

An almost seaside ambience
An almost seaside ambience

The open layout gives the feeling that the centre is much larger than its two floors suggest. It's certainly less overwhelming than other massive shopping centres but despite this, everything you need can be found here. Famous brand name chains like UNIQLO, H&M, and Zara, supermarkets like Ito Yokado and home stores like Nitori and Loft all feature along with scores of smaller speciality stores. There is even an outlet store for the famous Mother Bokujo farm in Chiba.

An outlet store for the famous Mother Bokujo farm in Chiba
An outlet store for the famous Mother Bokujo farm in Chiba

Committed to being family friendly, LaLaport Shin Misato also features entertainment and amusement spots for the children. The Round 1 entertainment centre, excellent value for both adults and children, is definitely worth a visit. You'll also find Thomas Town, a great little spot for fans of the famous steam engine while Little Planet offers some pretty amazing interactive digital fun for the young ones.

Kids will love this sweets store
Kids will love this sweets store

The dining areas on both floors feature plenty of places to sit down and eat with Western fast food chains mingling with Japanese versions providing plenty of options. There is even an old luxury dining train carriage down on the first floor where diners can take their food for a uniquely quiet spot to relax and eat.

Even the elevators are open
Even the elevators are open

Easy to access and even easier to enjoy, LaLaport Shin Misato eschews the massive full-frontal shopping assault of larger centres, opting instead for a more laid back feel.

Getting there

Take the JR Musashino Line to Shin Misato Station. The shopping centre is accessed directly via a 1-minute walk from the West Exit of the station.

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Kim a year ago
I really enjoy the atmosphere at outdoor shopping locations like these!
Sleiman Azizi Author a year ago
They are quite unassuming. Good places to almost unwind with the children, me thinks.