#1 Japanese Garden in the World

The gardens of the Adachi Museum of Art

 By Tristan Scholze   Sep 15, 2014

The museum’s founder, Zenko Adachi, believed that a garden is like a live painting. Since the museum’s opening in 1970, this garden has stayed open every single day, maintained with unbelievable rigor and the constant refinement and tuning of every tiny harmonious detail. The result: the Journal of Japanese Gardens has ranked this the number one garden in the entire world every year since 2003.

You’ll see here the reception garden, the moss garden, the dry landscape garden, the pond garden, the white gravel and pine garden, and tea garden of Juryu-an, and views from the cafe in summer. The bird, a common visitor of the grounds, is a Japanese wagtail.

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Elena Lisina a year ago
Very beautiful video and garden! When I come to Japan, the first place that I visit is always Japanese garden! :)
Tristan Scholze Videographer a year ago
Thank you, indeed this one is my favorite!
Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
Looks so peaceful and not crowded! I wanna go there!
Tristan Scholze Videographer 2 years ago
It's quite peaceful and beautiful indeed!