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Enjoying the Adachi Museum of Art

Ceramics, paintings and stunning gardens in Shimane


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The Adachi Museum of Art is situated in Yasugi, a short distance from Shimane's capital of Matsue. The museum offers a host of exhibits to enjoy, from a ceramics hall to a number of contemporary Japanese paintings - but perhaps the biggest draw-card here are the the stunning gardens to admire. The museum's founder, Adachi Zenko, had the belief that the gardens should also be like a picture, and they definitely deliver with aesthetic appeal and attention to detail that is unparalleled.

The dry landscape garden is the museum's pièce de résistance, and changes with the seasons. In the summer the area is lush and green, and the autumn months bring the koyo, or changing leaves to the scene, with pops of fiery red on the trees and shrubbery. Winter can occasionally see a dusting of snow fall on the area, and spring is known for the perfectly manicured blooming azalea bushes.

Aside from the dry landscape garden, there is plenty of other greenery to appreciate, including a moss garden and a pond garden. If you're seeking garden grounds to walk around, the only spot you'll be able to do that is from the garden of the Juryu-an Teahouse. All of the other gardens are ornamental only.

There are a total of two teahouses and two cafes on the premises where you can enjoy a bite to eat or drink and soak up the views at the same time. As mentioned, the Juryu-an Teahouse gardens are the only ones you're able to walk through on the premises, and inside the teahouse you can enjoy some matcha and wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets. The cost for the Juryu-an Teahouse experience is an additional 1500 yen. There's also the Juraku-an Teahouse, which has guests sit at tables rather than on tatami mats on the floor, at a slightly less expensive 1000 yen for matcha and wagashi.

When it comes to the cafes, the Midori Cafe faces out to the dry landscape garden and offers tea, coffee, fruit juices and seasonal ice cream flavors. If you're after something more hearty, the Taikan Cafe is your best bet. They have several set lunches on offer, with options like beef or vegetable curry served with rice and salad. You're able to enjoy your meal with tranquil views over the pond garden, making it a pleasant spot to linger and appreciate the serenity.

Getting there

If you're traveling to the Adachi Museum of Art via public transport, head to Yasugi Station on the Sanin Main Line. From there, a free shuttle bus operated by the museum departs from the station approximately every 20 minutes. Once you're at the museum, you're able to pick up a pass for your desired return bus back to the station.

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