Bejita vegetarian and vegan restaurant (Photo: Image by 華(レフア)邸)
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Bejita - Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe

For plant-based food seekers in Hamamatsu

I found one more vegetarian-vegan restaurant in Hamamatsu, which seems to be a very vegan and vegetarian friendly city. As a vegan myself, this is naturally something I wish to highlight to visitors. So while the city's plant-based restaurants aren't usually listed as among Hamamatsu's must-see spots, this city continues to spring surprises for the tired vegan traveller who can now be sure of getting a decent bite!

The restaurant, named Bejita, (a Japanese equivalent to the word vegetarian) is located in Itayamachi in Hamamatsu. At about 10 minutes by bus, it's some distance from Hamamatsu Station but the food here may be dubbed ambrosial to vegetarians and vegans. All ingredients are organic and plant based, coming from strictly selected organic farmers. The chief flavourings here are Japanese fermented seasonings like soy sauce and miso.

But beware! Their desserts and drinks may contain animal ingredients like dairy, eggs or gelatin so please ask if you are strict about your food choices! Reading over their menu, I found the names of of some of the food somehow alluring, like their deep fried soymeat with a taste similar to fried chicken and Japanese karaage. Kurumafu cutlet is another enticing delicacy. Its baked wheat gluten doughnut shape is succulent and juicy! The veggie miso curry, sticky rice dumplings and steamed vegetables are other equally scrumptious and mouth-watering foods. As for salads, their hemp seed salad and tempe with fried sesame is divine.

Desserts include a baked cheesecake made not with cheese but tofu and a multi-grain apple pie that is as heavenly in name as its feel of good health. An array of beautifully named beverages also awaits, like moon herb tea and grained coffee to name just a few. Bejita also have a kids menu and a tatami room with toys to give a sense of comfort and safety for parents.

Takeaway options are available on reservation. Foods are apparently tax-free but do bring enough money as it is cash only here. A small terrace is open to pets. Be careful though as smoking is allowed on the terrace.

Getting there

Take the Enshu Railway Line from JR Hamamatsu Station and get off at Hachiman Station. Take the No.30, 36 or 37 bus bound for Kanzanjicho or Hitomigaoka and get off at Tomizukachugakko bus stop.


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Kim 3 years ago
I love how many dishes that typically contain animal products can be subbed for tofu! Super versatile.
Sleiman Azizi 3 years ago
When you check out their menu on their website, particularly the English version (it has more photos) the food really does look appetising!
Elizabeth S 3 years ago
And the prices are reasonable. Great find!