Tomari Business Hotel in Fujieda

A convenient, cosy and affordable place to stay

 By Peter Sidell   Jan 24, 2017

About twenty minutes on the train west of central Shizuoka city, Fujieda is a pleasant little place, with some interesting sights and a more mellow feel than the big city of which it's a suburb. Not two minutes from the station, Tomari is where I stayed, a small business hotel that was perfectly comfortable and very good value.

Check-in isn't until 4:00pm, but the friendly English-speaking receptionist let me leave my bag there while I went out for some lunch and exploration. My single room was very cosy, adequate for a solo traveler with little luggage who will use the room only for sleeping and showering. (Double rooms are only a little bigger, but twins are substantially larger.) The usual business hotel fittings - TV, fridge, kettle - were all present and correct, and as business hotels go, the bathroom was relatively - 'spacious' isn't really the right word - let's say, not cramped.

As well what's in the rooms, there's free parking nearby, bicycles available to borrow without charge, and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. The room rate includes a simple but tasty Japanese breakfast buffet, consisting of rice, salad, pickles, some fish and cold cuts, enough for a light breakfaster like me. A very pleasant surprise I had when I came back from an afternoon's temple-spotting was that they also provide a free, very hearty curry dinner, with rice (again), Japanese curry sauce, and deep-fried meat and fish cutlets.

Nearby it's more restaurants and shops than sightseeing, with the slightly old-fashioned Bivi shopping center just a few minutes away. The town's two main sights of Renge-Ike Park and Tanaka Castle are fairly distant, a bus ride or long walk from the station. If you choose to walk, you can follow the route of the historic Tokaido highway, now a busy main road, and lined around central Fujieda-Ote with a lively range of shops and a good number of attractive temples.

There are single, double and twin rooms available, costing ¥5500, ¥7000, and either ¥8000 or ¥9000 respectively: there's a ¥1000 discount for single occupancy of a double or twin.

Written by Peter Sidell
Japan Travel Partner

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