Mashiko Farmer's Market in Tochigi

Gateway to famous crafts town

By Christina Oshima    - 1 min read

In southeastern Tochigi, there is a rural town called Mashiko which is famous for its pottery. It dates back to the 19th century when a potter discovered a clay suited for ceramics. In the 20th century, Shoji Hamada built a kiln in Mashiko and since then the number of potters have continued to increase in Mashiko. The town holds a festival every spring and autumn selling pottery and handicrafts, attracting large number of tourists from other cities and towns.

Mashiko Farmer's Market is a one stop commercial center selling the town's famous products and delicacies. It has several facilities that cater to the needs of its customers such as a reception/information area, a cafe, free space with tables and chairs for doing watever you want, a post box outside the center, and rental bicycles. Mashiko is a 3-hour drive from Tokyo by car and 1 hour from Utsunomiya City by Toya Bus.

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