Nikko’s Toki-no-yuu Inn

Simple Japanese ryokan at Nikko’s best location

By Tomoko Kamishima    - 3 min read

Toki-no-yuu is a Japanese style inn that does not provide lunch or dinner. The hot communal onsen-like bath in the hotel is large and nice and will make you appreciate the quality of Nikko’s natural water. The prices here are quite reasonable considering it is located within walking distance of Nikko’s World Heritage site.

The rooms

The rooms are very simple Japanese style. Futons sit in the corner of the room, ready for you to lay them out whenever you want. Everything you need for your one night stay is there at the room: toothbrush, towels, TV, refrigerator, and electric waterboiler. If there are four in your group and you stay there on a weekday, it costs only 5700~ yen per person. The bath is located in the basement of the building, but some rooms have a bath (additional charge).


Many of Nikko’s restaurants close early in the evening. And there are no convenience stores very close to the inn. But don’t worry. The inn will introduce some restaurants, if you ask them at the front desk. There are Chinese restaurants, soba and udon restaurants, steak houses, ramen shops, and pasta restaurants, etc. In any case, you shouldn’t expect wonderful food in Nikko, if you are not staying in a luxury hotel. But for me, there is one exception. Unagi restaurant Sawamoto is really nice. If you are interested in broiled eel, try it please!

Basically Toki-no-yuu provides room and bath only, but they do also lay out a very simple buffet breakfast in the morning: Coffee and soup, tiny sausages, scrambled eggs, potato salad, and sliced bread when we stayed there. If you don’t require a big breakfast, it might be good enough.

The closest convenience store is near Nishi-sando Bus Stop. It takes about 20 minutes on foot or just a few minutes by bus.

Have a walk in the morning!

I recommend a morning walk if you stay at this inn. The daytime hustle and bustle and crowds of Nikko’s temple area is not the real Nikko. You can touch and appreciate the true Nikko consisting of silence and holiness in the very early morning. When you stand on the bridge across the Daiya River, the water flows down in a beautiful emerald green stream, accompanied by a thin mist. Long clouds hide the mountain range down near the base. Walk slowly, and you can find many secret treasures and the true beauty of Nikko.

Toki-no-yuu is a simple and casual inn in Nikko. If you suddenly decide to go to Nikko, ask them whether a room is available or not. Especially on weekdays, you might have a chance to grab a great room cheaply!

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