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Takino-o Path in Nikko

A Buddhist pilgrimage through a cedar forest

Takino-o Path (滝尾の路) in Nikko is a little-known, ancient stone-paved path that leads through an old cedar forest and past historic Buddhist monuments. Walking into the forest, especially during a foggy, rainy day, is like stepping into a mystical, holy place.

The path, once followed by the founder of Nikko, Priest Shodo, leads to Takino-o Shrine, built by Priest Kobo. Buddhist priests who train themselves by enduring ascetic practices made a pilgrimage to Takino-o Shrine until the beginning of the Meiji Era.

There are three major areas to visit along the 5 km path: Shinkyo Bridge at the trailhead, Kaizan-do north of Toshogu Shrine, and Takino’o Shrine north along the Inari-gawa River.

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