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Your friendly neighborhood micro brewery and pizzaria

By Justin Velgus    - 3 min read

Welcome to August Beer Club: Place for Toast. That's the official full name of this establishment. Place for Toast? I was more confused than I was when I became hopelessly lost at nearby Roppongi Station. Thankfully I was rescued by three local friends from the clutches of the evil spider statue that stalks the above plaza before it was too late.  Actually, our lunch destination was only a six minute walk from Roppongi Station exit 1 C and it was fairly easy to find after escaping the station. You can check the map on the Japanese website or call their English speaking staff member should you have any trouble. With empty stomachs and dry throats we were warmly greeted into August Beer Club.

Our weekday afternoon visit encouraged us to take advantage of the lunch deal. It includes a personal pizza, mini salad, and coffee or tea for around 1000 yen. Pizza is the restaurant's food staple and you can have it in a variety of several flavors. The friendly Albanian chef speaks Albanian, English, and Japanese and makes one heck of a pizza. Now that's talent! Still, you can't come to a place known as a beer club without also ordering something to drink. And this is where August Beer Club makes a name for itself. In addition to its full bar and extensive wine selection, August Beer Club makes and sells its own micro-brewed pints of deliciousness. I went with their pale lager while one of my comrades had the dark lager. Seasonal draft beers, a white ale, and a house wine are also specialties. With beer in hand we let out a kanpai (cheers) then dug into our meals. The salad was light, not dry, and very fresh with a hint of a mint. Pizza was awesome with quality ingredients and just the right amount of sauce with cheese. Combine those foods with a beer and you are left very satisfied. 

The restaurant itself is easy to relax in and enjoy a drink with some good food. Depending on your drink choice and size, it is possible to get a good meal and great beer for under 2000 yen. August Beer Club is far enough from the busier streets of Roppongi that it could be considered a local hangout but close enough to be just a short stroll away. That night as I lay down to go to bed and recall the beer and pizza that tingled my taste buds in all the right ways, it hits me. ''Place for Toast'' doesn't mean toast the food, but toast as in toasting for a special occasion. Raise your glasses and celebrate; we solved the mystery. 

Are you looking for pizza in Roppongi in a livelier atmosphere but without such an extensive drink selection? You may want to try Charleston & Son Pizzeria.   

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Justin Velgus

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Justin Velgus Author 5 years ago
@Daniela Yes, it was really good. When I think Japan, I don't think pizza. But maybe when you come you will miss some hometown flavors. In that case make sure to stop by August Beer!
Daniela Bugno 5 years ago
Hey there! That pizza looks good, and I'm Italian, so... ;) I really enjoyed your article: it's fun and useful! I only hope I'll be able to visit Japan sooner or later! Bye!