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Bonkers Over Burgers

Why Shake Shack is our go-to burger place

If you start craving authentic American style burgers while in Japan, you will most likely be disappointed with the demiglace sauce drenched hamburg steaks that a lot of Japanese restaurants offer. When you have the sort of craving that even McDonald's won't satisfy, try Shake Shack. Here are some reasons why we love this restaurant born out of a hot dog cart in Madison Square New York:

1. 100% all natural angus beef

Even my 8-year old loves the superior freshly ground beef patty of Shake Shack, which is proudly hormone-free and antibiotic-free. Cooked a nice medium unless otherwise specified, this results in a very juicy burger, even made more sumptuous with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions and gooey cheese and drizzled with the special tangy Shake Shack sauce.

2. The potato bun

The buns that cradle Shake Shack's patties and hotdogs are special. They are yellowish and taste slightly sweet. The texture is also distinctly supple and pillow-soft but not soggy. This is because Shake Shack's buns are made from potato starch, which absorbs and retains juices, keeping the bun's natural springiness. Turmeric is responsible for the appetizing yellow hue. Other bun ingredients include high-protein wheat flour, nonfat milk, sugar, and a blend of vegetable oil and butter. They're almost good enough to munch on their own.

3. Crinkle cut fries

There's something almost nostalgic about the shape of these fries. Sliced with corrugated blades, the increased surface area makes them crispier than other french fries. The grooves also pick up more ketchup and sauce than other fries. There's no denying that the fries look more fun too. Shake Shack's fries are pure crunchy, salty potato goodness in a tray and a perfect accompaniment to the burger.

See for yourself why we're bonkers over Shake Shack's burgers.

Getting there

Shake Shack Kokusai is located in the open space between the two Tokyo International Forum buildings, where you will also find various food carts. It is a short walk from both Tokyo and Yurakucho Stations.

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Sleiman Azizi 5 years ago
A burger that is not juicy is like happiness without a smile, it just doesn't make sense.
It's so true that when you order "burger and fries" in other countries, be prepared for whatever may come. :-) Glad to know there is this "authentic" experience in Tokyo!
Elizabeth S 5 years ago
Sometimes, you just want a burger and fries. These look like proper ones.
Kim 5 years ago
Yes! They're great when you want a burger fix, and the crinkle cut fries are our fave!

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