Edo-Tokyo Museum

A glimpse into the age of samurai

By Takane Shoji    - 1 min read


From April 2022 until 2025 (estimated), the Edo-Tokyo Museum will be closed for major renovations.

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Curious to see what life was like when samurai roamed the streets of Tokyo? You will not only have access to precious artifacts from the 1600s, but will also be able to see Tokyo from 400 years ago recreated at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Located just a few minutes from Ryogoku Station, the museum is home to intricate dioramas of traditional Japanese architecture, as well as special exhibits that showcase some of the most famous Japanese artwork from centuries ago. Samurai and their way of life is what many foreigners associate Japan with - a reality that the modern Tokyo cannot quite capture. However, the Edo-Tokyo Museum will bring to you the taste of Japanese life 400 years ago.

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