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Grandberry Mall, 2000-2017 [Closed]

Suburban mall in Minami Machida catering outlet shoppers

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Grandberry Mall closed on Feb 12th 2017, and is currently undergoing a major redevelopment and planning to re-open in Fall 2019.

Last updated: Mar 7, 2019

If outlet malls are your thing, head down to the southern tip of the greater Tokyo area to Minami Machida, home of Grandberry Mall. The mall is on the southern end of the Den-en-toshi Line and a straight shot from Shibuya.

This large outdoor mall hosts about 60 shops and restaurants and is immediately accessible from Minami Machida station, which opens into one of the mall's plazas.

Some of the mall's anchor stores are Gap, Old Navy, Mont Bell, and Franc Franc. Mont Bell, the outdoor sports store, has a "pinnacle" climbing boulder inside. There are also outlets of shops like Adidas, Coach, Nike, Brooks Brothers, and Asics. Popular dining options include Outback Steakhouse, Garlic Jo's, Wired Café, and a buffet restaurant called Grand China. A large Tokyu grocery store flanks the station and has a nice bakery and candy shop.

Another major draw is the 109 Cinema with IMAX and 3D screens, where you can catch the latest blockbuster. The multiplex has ten screens and assigned seating, with the typical comfortable seating and access to seat upgrades such as "executive" (larger, more plush seats) and "couples" (a sofa-type seat without a dividing armrest). Regular tickets are ¥1800 with discounts to as little as ¥1200 or ¥1000 for late shows, seniors, and promotional offers. Films are a good mix of domestic and international (mostly Hollywood) offerings, with foreign language films subtitled. A few are also dubbed, especially those geared toward children, though they will usually also be available with subtitles.

Because of its spacious outdoor setting, the mall is popular with families and dog lovers, and many strollers and four legged friends can be spotted strolling along the wide walkways with their minders. Children are of course welcome everywhere, and stores such as Pet Paradise and Dog Cat Joker cater to animals. Even in many of the non-pet themed shops, dogs are welcome, though some may require entry in a pet stroller or carry bag.

When you've spent all your money and need a quick cash infusion, there are a few options: an ATM kiosks for the MUFJ, Mizuho, and 7 and I banks, a small post office branch, and a Lawson with cash point to take care of all the rest. A massage place called Karada Factory also graces the grounds, and a pachinko parlor and Nitori home store are only a few meters away from the mall proper.

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Selena Hoy Author 10 years ago
You're welcome! There is a big Chinese restaurant called Grand China which is about 30 seconds from the station.
Anonymous 10 years ago
I think I have actually been here before when I was visiting my cousins and grandparents a few years back. I remember being at Chinese restaurant there, but I may have a foggy memory since it was so long ago. I'm glad somebody posted about this mall, otherwise I may have just forgotten about it. So, thank you! I'll have to come back here sometime.

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