Hachioji City is one of Tokyo's best kept non-secrets. Mountains, history and heritage, the city's appeal is continuous and extends to its museums and galleries. A treat for everyone, all offer a glimpse not only into Japanese culture but also an international one. Here is an introduction to some of these museums and galleries in Hachioji and how to reach them.

Hachioji Yume Art Museum

Focusing as it does on contemporary 20th-century Japanese art, Hachioji Yume Art Museum is known for its eclecticism. Holding several special exhibitions throughout the year, the museum isn't afraid of exploring and its many themes have included ukiyo-e cat prints, film, ceramic works and even a foray into theatre. Well worth the JPY1400 price of admission.

A 15-minute walk from Hachijoji Station on the JR Chuo Line.

Mount Takao Trick Art Museum

A blast of quirkiness, the Mount Takao Trick Art Museum is chock full of a strange sense of fun guaranteed to capture anyone's attention. Optical illusions, 3D art and crazy photo ops help create a wild sense of adventure with the Pharaonic design of the museum only adding to the amusement. A JPY1300 admission fee gets you in for some great fun.

A 1-minute walk from Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line.

Takao 599 Museum

A convenient stop before hiking up the slopes of the city's most famous mountain, Takao 599 Museum is named after the Mt. Takao's modest height. Showcasing the natural treasures of the mountain, the museum's approach is extraordinarily contemporary and along with the popular Nature Wall, the free admission is obviously appealing.

A 4-minute walk from Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line.

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

Located within Soka University, the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum promotes cultural exchange with over 30,000 items in its collection spanning different cultures, traditions and nations. The gallery is most famous for its collection of Western oil paintings that span a 500-year period. The JPY1300 admission fee for exhibitions is great value.

A 15-minute no.4 bus ride from the North Exit of Hachioji Station on the JR Chuo Line.