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Spoil your body to some organic vegan food in Kichijoji

By Roxanne L W    - 2 min read

If you're someone with an alternative lifestyle or suffer from certain food intolerances/allergies, eating in Japan can be a bit of a struggle at times. But fret no longer, as Hitoto Cafe is here to save you! I discovered this little gem with some friends and we loved it. It features a very minimalistic and grungy decor, chillout music and very positive vibes. It's a perfect place to meet with friends for a relaxing night. 

The menu offers a selection of good food, from lunch, dinner, desserts up to certain food sets. It has no English version, but the waiter knows some English and can easily translate for you. The prices are very good too, reasonable and not high at all. A bowl of miso soup will cost you ¥250, 3 pieces of tofu gyoza around ¥650 and a slice of apple tart ¥510. Did I mention that it's all organic!? Yes, everything is organic and prepared on the spot. If you fall in love with the food, you can easily join one of their culinary classes.

Finding the cafe might be a bit tricky as they actually don't have a sign or name outside. The only way to find it is by the logo. Yes, just like in Matrix they said "Follow the rabbit", I'm telling you to follow the logo. You will notice it on a wall/door - that's where the cafe is, just head to the 2nd floor. Opening hours are from 12:00 - 22:00.

For more details about the cafe, check out their website.

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