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Hotel Fukudaya

A nice place to stay near Shibuya

By Ariane Mignault    - 3 min read

I stayed at Hotel Fukudaya on two different occasions, in the summer of 2009 and the winter of 2011. Both times, I was traveling alone and wanted a safe room, where I could leave my stuff during the day without having to worry about it. This hotel was perfect because it is affordable and you can easily rent a room alone without having to share it with strangers, as is the case with many hostels in Japan.

What makes Fukudaya a good option for travelers is the location. When I travel to Tokyo, I always look for hotels easily accessible on foot from a train or subway station. Any hotel with easy access to the Yamanote line is ideal since it is such a key transportation option for going almost everywhere. Fukudaya is one of those easy- to-reach hotels. It is possible to walk from Shibuya Station (Yamanote line) all the way to the hotel without much trouble. When I stayed there, I walked from the hotel to the station every day and never encountered any problems. If you need to take a cab to get there, make sure you print the map on the hotel website and write down the phone number. It will be easier for the driver to find the place. When you checkout, a member of the staff will call a cab if you need one. When I stayed there couple of years ago, the lady at the reception even went outside with me when the cab arrived and waved goodbye. Everyone working there is very friendly and always available to help. The staff speaks English well and can answer questions just fine--just speak slowly or use simpler words if they do not understand. If you can speak Japanese, they will talk to you in Japanese and wish you a good day/welcome back every time they see you.

Fukudaya offers two styles of room: Japanese and Western, depending on whether you want to sleep on a futon or a bed. Western-style rooms are cheaper but the difference is minor. All rooms also have a yukata and obi, air conditioning, TV, and tea set. Some have private bathrooms, but with most you will have to share the bathroom and shower, which are located on the same floor as your room. If you really want your own bathroom, make sure to ask when you reserve. There is a lounge area near the entrance and a computer that clients can use free of charge.

Also, on the way to the hotel there is a small store where you can buy snacks or a quick breakfast for low prices.

To get there, I would recommend going to their website and watching the videos they uploaded, or print the map.

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Ariane Mignault

Ariane Mignault @ariane.mignault

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Amanda Callander 8 years ago
Thanks for the recommendation - it's always nice to have your own place, and not worry about anyone else getting into your bags!
Serene Tan 8 years ago
Thanks for the recommendation! I'll fave this for future reference :)