The adorable spotted jellyfish (Photo: Sumida Aquarium)
The adorable spotted jellyfish (Photo: Sumida Aquarium)
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Jellyfish Invade Sumida Aquarium

Hundreds of jellyfish to delight you

Jellyfish can conjure an image of space aliens or frilly dresses for some. But no matter what you see when you look at these marvelous creatures, there’s no doubt that time can seem to slow down while gazing at their hypnotic floating.

While most jellyfish aficionados will think of Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka, Yamagata; Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo is sure to become a big name for jelly lovers. And while it doesn’t rival the size of Osaka Kaiyukan, Sumida Aquarium’s 2020 renewal has made it into a more eco-friendly aquarium that produces its own saltwater—rather than importing it daily.

The popular moon jellyfish
The popular moon jellyfish (Photo: Sumida Aquarium)

Located in Tokyo Skytree Town, Sumida Aquarium is commemorating this new jellyfish area by selling original merchandise and café foods in a jellyfish motif! Try one (or a few) of the fifteen limited edition jellyfish snacks. If you're a little squeamish about jellyfish-themed foods, you can always grab a bite at the aquarium's restaurant or nearby Solamachi.

The new main jellyfish attraction is called the Big Petri Dish. Here, guests can stand above an illuminated tank where lazy jellyfish gently sway in the water—more than a petri dish, stars floating in the Milky Way come to mind. It’s a calming, almost meditative, sight to watch the jellies bob and float.

The Big Petri Dish deck
The Big Petri Dish deck (Photo: Sumida Aquarium - 346PHOTO)

In addition to this large aquarium, there are many more with over fourteen species of jellyfish on display. See some of the smallest jellies up close and personal and observe the long tentacles of some larger species.

No matter what you imagine when you look at a jellyfish—even if it’s just a sore sting from a beach trip—you’ll gain a new understanding and appreciation for these interesting creatures when you visit the Sumida Aquarium’s jellyfish exhibition.

Getting there

The Sumida Aquarium is located in the West Zone of Tokyo Skytree and is a short walk from Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line.

More info

Find out more about Sumida Aquarium.


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Kim 3 years ago
Any time I visit an aquarium I'm always captivated by the jellyfish!
Elizabeth S 3 years ago
They are entrancing! I enjoyed the hypnotic displays of jellyfish at Sumida Aquarium a few years ago. There's something soothing about them. Well, when you're on the other side of the glass. I'm afraid I've been stung.