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Machida at Night

Capturing the nightlife and glow of Machida

While staying in Oakhouse Sagamihara, one of the places I went to most was Machida, as it is only two stops away on the JR Yokohama Line. Most of the time I went there was during the day, as well as a few times in the evening, but I didn't spend too much time exploring the streets near the station. These pictures are from the time I finally got to do so, and this is another place I simply love in Tokyo.

The color of the sky on this particular evening was a spooky blue, somewhat like the haunting sky in the opening sequence of the famous Hong Kong film Chungking Express. Underneath this mysterious blue were many other colors, from flashing lights to the radiant street art sprayed on some of the walls. The streets are full of life at night, lined with bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. Tokyo at night is so photogenic; the atmosphere is unrivaled. Machida is another place, along with so many others, to check out when the sun no longer hangs in the sky.

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