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Malasadas from Kope Lani Cafe

Hawaiian donuts at LaLaPort Toyosu

Summer is just around the corner, which means people in Japan start to dream of an escape to the more exotic and tropical setting of the Hawaiian Islands at the very first mention of 'beach' and 'sunshine'.

Sea breeze, gentle sunshine, beautiful island girls dancing the hula... Of course, not everyone can afford this pleasure, but anyone can visit this small Hawaiian cafe, Kope Lani, located in a cozy nook of LaLaPort Toyosu shopping mall.

'Malasadas' are Hawaiian treats of Portuguese origin, which are sold at fairs and various charity bazaars. They are airy donuts, fried in oil and sprinkled with granulated sugar. Traditionally they were roasted without filling.

The islands are home to many descendants of the Portuguese, who brought this recipe to Hawaii, and its name ("mal-assada") means "under-cooked".

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